How to Growing Melons in Pots


Melons include fruits that can be grown in pots. The planting is not so complicated, but requires more intensive care. Tabulampot melon has many advantages for those of you who are interested in trying to grow it. Moreover, for urban communities that have limited land. Not only for the scale of hobbies, plant a melon … Read more

Easy Ways to Farm Shrimp for Fish Feed

Easy Ways to Farm Shrimp for Fish Feed

Today many people keep certain types of fish such as arowanas, hickeys, and some types of predatory fish such as piranhas. If keeping this type of fish, you also need to pay attention to feeding. Fish feed varies depending on the type of fish you raise, one of which is shrimp. However, how do you … Read more

How do I Start My Own Herbal Farming at Home?

How do I start my own herbal farming?

At first, medicinal plants were wild plants that did not require special maintenance. It is only necessary to carry out regular watering if you do not want the plant to dry and die. However, once the public realizes its amazing properties, caring for medicinal plants becomes important. The diversity of types of medicinal plants requires … Read more