How to Pollinate Melon Flowers to Successfully Bear Fruit

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Melon trees have begun to flower after three weeks old when kept in boats. Female flowers that appear can turn into fruit if there has been pollination of melon flowers.

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Many novice breeders are often confused because the flowers of plants that have grown do not turn into fruit. In fact, it could be that the condition is caused by male flowers and female flowers do not meet each other so that there is no fertilization process.

In its natural habitat, pollination of melon flowers is assisted by insects. However, plants that are in the greenhouse cannot be pollinated by insects because insects cannot enter.

Pollination of melon flowers that are in the greenhouse must be assisted by humans. In one plant, the flowers that are pollinated are only flowers that are in the 11th to 15th leaf segments.

Pollination of melon flowers is ideally done in the morning before 10:00 because at that time the female flowers are in full bloom. During the period of formation of flowers, the condition of the planting medium must be maintained so as not to be damp so that the frequency of watering is reduced to twice a day.

Here are the steps of pollinating melon flowers that must be assisted by human hands.

  • Choose male flowers that have bloomed and if touched by the head of the sarinya there will be yellow powder. Meanwhile, the female flower chosen is a flower that has bloomed and will the fruit will protrude under the petals.
  • Carefully remove the entire crown of the male flower so that there is no crown blocking the stamens.
  • Attach the sari head to the pistil that is on the female flower until the pollen sticks to the pistil head.
  • If pollination is successful, one week later it appears that the fruit will enlarge and the crown of the female flower will dry out.

After successful pollination is done, you must do the selection of fruits by allowing healthy fruits to keep growing and pruning fruit that is not good. The selected fruit is a fruit with a good appearance, not deformed, and oblong in shape. This treatment aims to channel all nutrients to one healthy fruit so that the resulting fruit is quality and tastes sweet.

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