How to Growing Melons in Pots

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Melons include fruits that can be grown in pots. The planting is not so complicated, but requires more intensive care. Tabulampot melon has many advantages for those of you who are interested in trying to grow it.

Moreover, for urban communities that have limited land. Not only for the scale of hobbies, plant a melon can also be developed on a larger commercial scale.

Here are the advantages of Plant a melon that are very dear to miss.

  • Easy to set up

You can arrange pots containing melon plants within the right distance. The pot can be placed in a narrow space located on the front porch, side, or balcony of the house.

Pots containing this plant can be moved if it turns out that the chosen place is not suitable, it could be because the temperature in the place is too hot during the day or exposed to heavy rainwater. The removal of pots is useful in protecting the plant from loss caused by heavy rains. That way, you can prevent loss without the need to spend money to make paranet or shade.

  • As an ornamental plant

Tabulampot melon not only produces sweet melon fruit, but can also be used as an ornamental plant to beautify the look of the house. As an ornamental plant, tabulampot can be placed on the terrace, balcony, or even in the living room whenever possible.

  • Easy to maintain

Melon plants in pots do require intensive care, but the care is relatively easy. In fact, planters say it is easier to care for melon plants in pots. Because, in the field, planters must weed weeds that grow around the plant. Weeding in pots is relatively easier because weeds do not spread everywhere.

The provision of fertilizer and water is also more efficient because melon plants will not compete with other melon plants. Planting in pots can facilitate the process of monitoring pests and diseases because in 1 pot only consists of 1–2 plants so it is easier to see.

  • Harvest easier

Intensive care can also facilitate harvesting because the plants are neatly arranged. In addition, the resulting fruit tends to be fresher.

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