How do I Start My Own Herbal Farming at Home?

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At first, medicinal plants were wild plants that did not require special maintenance. It is only necessary to carry out regular watering if you do not want the plant to dry and die. However, once the public realizes its amazing properties, caring for medicinal plants becomes important.

The diversity of types of medicinal plants requires different treatments. This is due to differences in environmental conditions in each region. According to, some climatic elements such as temperature, rainfall, and solar irradiation directly affect plant growth.

Every medicinal plant needs the appropriate air temperature so that the metabolic process can run well, while the temperature of the soil will affect the seed germination process.

Soil temperatures that are too low can inhibit the germination process, while soil temperatures that are too high can turn off the embryos contained in the seeds.

How do I start my own herbal farming at Home?

Medicinal plants need sufficient rainfall with an even distribution. The availability of water is one of the determining factors for the successful cultivation of medicinal plants.

The following are tips on treating medicinal plants reported from various sources.

  • Give enough manure. This is because manure contains macro and micro nutrients needed by plants. The dose of manure use, which is 1 to 2 tons per hectare.
  • Provide organic fertilizers, because organic fertilizers can improve the structure of the soil and as a source of food substances for plants.
  • Do the feeding if there are dead seedlings or the growth is not normal.
  • Carrying out watering at the time of planting or the plant is still small. Plants that are already large relatively do not require watering or if alarming, watering can be done by soaking the bed trench.
  • Weeding periodically is done 1 or 2 times during the growing period and can be done in conjunction with the provision of manure.

By having medicinal plants around the house, you will be able to utilize and process them easily into traditional medicine.

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