Easy Ways to Farm Shrimp for Fish Feed

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Today many people keep certain types of fish such as arowanas, hickeys, and some types of predatory fish such as piranhas. If keeping this type of fish, you also need to pay attention to feeding. Fish feed varies depending on the type of fish you raise, one of which is shrimp. However, how do you cultivate shrimp for fish feed?

Do not worry, the following will be briefly explained about how to cultivate shrimp for your favourite predatory fish feed.

How do the Preparation of fish feed shrimp farming?

The condition of choosing a cultivation location namely trying to find the area easily accessible. This is aimed at making it easier for you to perform maintenance. The site should be close to the water source. In addition, make sure the location is far from industrial areas and free from household waste.

The type of shrimp feed fish is different from the type of shrimp consumption. Choose a type of shrimp of small sizes, such as swamp shrimp. In addition to its small size, swamp shrimp is easy to cultivate.

Prepare cutting tools such as saws or knives, wire, and wood or triplets. You can also prepare used barrels or drums that will be used. And, do not forget to provide manure.

Manufacture of fish feed shrimp farming media

After you prepare the tools and materials, it’s time to make a cultivation medium. First, place the barrel in a sleeping position and hole the top of the barrel to form a rectangle measuring 30 × 15 cm. To simplify the process, you can use a knife first and then use a small saw.

The cover of the barrel should be given a hole and a small lid as a place to get in and out of the water later. After that, wash the barrel or drum with clean water and let it dry. Prepare clean water sourced from rivers or healthy water, and avoid the use of Government water because it contains high chlorine.

Fish feed shrimp fry.

You can get it quickly for fry by buying it at a fish shop or a place to sell fry (shrimp seeds). As for the characteristics of fry that are quality and worthy of cultivation, namely, ensuring that the fry does not have physical defects and is not exposed to pests or diseases. Perform a cultivation feasibility test by putting the fry in a water container and stirring the water in the container for 3 minutes.

Pay attention to the fry, the fry that is worthy of cultivation will swim against the current of rotation, and when the round stops, the fry is still swimming actively. Do not choose fry that moves slowly or passively, and this is a sign that the fry does not have muscular endurance.

Maintenance of fish feed shrimp

Give shrimp feed in pellets or liquid plankton every day three times a day. Since shrimp tend to have cannibalistic properties, you should not be late in feeding. Make a water change approximately once every month if necessary.

Always keep an eye on the pH level and water temperature. For water, pH makes sure it is no more and less than 6.8-8. Meanwhile, the water temperature should not be below 20 °C. If shrimps are affected by pests or diseases, you should take special care by giving them drugs and vitamins.

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