How to Growing Melons in Pots


Melons include fruits that can be grown in pots. The planting is not so complicated, but requires more intensive care. Tabulampot melon has many advantages for those of you who are interested in trying to grow it. Moreover, for urban communities that have limited land. Not only for the scale of hobbies, plant a melon … Read more

10 Easy Vegetables to Grow in Pots for Beginner Gardeners

10 Easy Vegetables to Grow in Pots for Beginner Gardeners

If you’re thinking about starting a vegetable garden but don’t have a lot of space and beginner about gardener, you can check the Easy Vegetables to Grow in Pots!  Growing vegetables in pots is a great option for beginner gardeners because it’s easy to get started and you can experiment with different vegetables to see … Read more

9 Plant Pots Design Ideas: From Rattan to Jar

What is plant pots

Let’s make your garden and house more Beautify with various models of plant pots. The house becomes more beautiful, neat and still aesthetic! Plant Pots Design: Plant hobby is one of the up-and-coming hobbies, especially since the pandemic. They are suitable for the environment, and plants also act as decorations that can beautify the house, garden … Read more